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Our Story

We live in the Atlanta area. We farm in south Georgia, near Cordele. We provide wholesale pinestraw, trucking and retail pine straw services to the Atlanta metro area and other areas in the Southeastern United States.

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Backhauls heading south from Atlanta. Bulk dry goods shipping. Storage trailers. We use our fleet of tractors and trailers to provide affordable and reliable logistics services. Call 844 STRAWME to talk truckin' with The Straw Farm.

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Call 844 STRAWME or Order Online if you want premium Georgia pine straw delivered to or installed at your home or business. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Bulk buyers, landscapers & such

Landscape supply companies, drop trailers for fundraisers, HOA's, landscapers, hardware stores rely on The Straw Farm for reliable whole load delivery of the highest quality pine needles.

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Pine Straw For Mulch

Affordable. Sustainable. Conserves water. Conserves fertilizer. Fights weeds. Protects plants against cold. Locally grown. Locally owned.

Pine straw is the dried foliage that falls from pine trees. Utilizing pine straw as mulch for gardens is very effective for winter protection and the uses don't stop there.

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Why use The Straw Farm?

Because your care about consistent quality and value for your money. Because you want your home or business to look beautiful. Because you want a portion of your mulch dollars to help charities in your local community. Because you want your pine straw fresh from the farm. Grown by a real farmer.

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What we do

Our Pine straw is raked, cleaned, bailed, loaded up and delivered direct to customers. The use of pine straw as a ground cover mulch has been rising in popularity throughout the South over the last 25 years.

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Pine straw conserves soil moisture and enhances the aesthetics of any landscape with a bronze color scheme.

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