The Story of the Straw Farm

The Straw Farm

The Straw Farm is a true family farm, located within a 45 mile radius of Cordele, Ga.  Chris Rogers, who lives in Smyrna with wife Vonda, kids Jack and Cece, and 2 Boykin Spaniels, Remi and Gurley. Chris is a sixth generation farmer, and grew up on a family row crop farm in Cordele.  His family got out of farming in the early 1980’s due to the very tough  farm economy.  In 2009, Chris bought a 180 acre farm between Cordele and Ashburn.  It became the first commercial pine straw farm for The Straw Farm.  

That first year, in 2010, Chris bought a $3,000 Grey Freightliner Semi Truck and began shipping premium Longleaf Pine Straw to Four Seasons Pine Straw in Acworth, Ga, who is still today a customer.  The farms produced roughly 80,000 bales that first year.   Chris bought another large farm with a partner in 2011.  2011 also saw The Straw Farm take on Pine Straw King Landscape Supply Company in Marietta, GA.   PSK Landscape Supply is our biggest wholesale customer today. More semi trailers were purchased, and a second truck was added. 

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We're Growing

The company grew--farm by farm, customer by customer, truck by truck.   In 2015, Chris left his full time career as a Sales Executive in the financial services industry to run The Straw Farm full time.  Volume for that year was about 400,000 bales of pine straw.  The Straw Farm began offering trucking services to the recycling industry in 2015.  2016 volume will likely end at around 550,000 bales of wholesale pine straw.  The Straw Farm also began providing dedicated shipping services in 2016.  

Several family members work for the company today.  We run six semi trucks and will farm about 2,400 acres.  We are a proud charity fundraiser for small, local charities who share our core mission: Do a little each day to make the world a better place than we found it.